mercoledì 28 maggio 2014

5° Festival International de Street Painting in Toulon - France

This week end (24 e 25 May) I attended the French festival in Toulon. This is the 5 edition, the second for me. The theme of this year was the sport. 
Me and my friend Valentina came a day before, to visit the beautiful city! The sea, the harbor, the city center.
Tolone is very nice!

The sea in Toulon.

The Croissant's shop.

Beautiful Trompe l'oeil -
Hotel de Port.

For the competition I decided to do a tribute to the Olympics. I was very determined and worried, because in my project I did not realize the wings, or clothing, or animals, faces only. Five happy children, representing 5 continents.
My sketch.
I have dedicated my design for the children, their right to play. Against the exploitation of child labor. Every child should have the opportunity to play and do sports. One day be able to compete for his country at the Olympics

Some photo .....

Drawing. Shame about the crack.

Me at work. Photo by Peter Westerink.

Native American.

European Girl.

African Girl (Masai)

Asian Girl ( Mongolia)

Oceanian Girl ( Maori)

Me - Photo by Annie Bergougnous

With my paint finish!!

This painting really liked the people. As he had a lot of votes from the public, and win the First Prize of the Jury. 
And the first prize of '"Europèen Institute of Contemporary Arts." 
I was very happy and excited!
Me at Valentina Sforzini, she's win the
second prize all'Istituto Europèen des Arts Contemporain.
Thank you Joelle for hospitality, Compagnie Ho, Citè de Toulon and my sponsor!! 
Thank you at all very much ^_^

Article on the local newspaper "La Voce di Mantova"
28 May 2014

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  1. Ciao Ketty,
    Un grand merci pour ta présence durant le Festival. Encore une fois tu as ému le public qui a voté pour toi pour la 2e année consécutive. Une grande artiste que l'on a plaisir à voir et à revoir à Toulon. Tanti bacci, Joelle